Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market

Study on the current state of cloud computing technologies from the perspective of energy-efficiency and the mechanisms to drive the market, including standards, certification, labels and possible regulatory measures. Analyze and propose future research priorities for energy efficient cloud services, ways to implement green public procurement of digital services and data centres, and ways to stimulate the provisioning of eco-friendly cloud services.

The European Commission recently commissioned a study to assess the current and future energy consumption and state-of-the-art of cloud computing services in Europe. The objectives are to propose recommendations for energy-efficient cloud computing, particularly in relation to future research and development, Green Public Procurement and market policies.

The study consortium is led by the Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt GmbH), in cooperation with the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability based in Germany. The work will last 14 months and is expected to finish in early 2020.



Delphi survey

A Delphi survey in order to map the assessments of various experts, especially with regard to new technical trends is currently carried out.

Workshop on research and technological development of energy efficiency in cloud computing

is planned for September 10th 2019 in Brussels.

Workshop II

A validation workshop in order to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of policy measures is planned for Winter 2019 in Brussels.




We drive the cloud market towards energy-efficiency 

To analyse and assess the current and future energy consumption of cloud computing services in Europe, including edge computing, sensors, networks, hardware, software, and rapidly emerging technologies such as blockchain. To identify and propose measures to drive the cloud market towards energy-efficiency in terms of future research and technology development, green public procurement and the provisioning of energy-efficient cloud services.


Analysis and  modelling across the EU-28 

Analyse and model across the EU-28, using an appropriate classification of regions ….

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Technological analysis

Compile and analyse the spectrum of technologies for providing full cloud….

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Policy analysis

Compile and analyse the impact of current approaches for stimulating or imposing eco-friendly procurement….

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Assessment of research & technological development

Investigate RTD policy options identifying key technological areas for further improving ….

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Green Public Procurement for cloud computing services

Compile and analyse the impact of existing (GPP) schemes and recommend policy options ….

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Providers of cloud computing services - Policy analysis

Compile and analyse the impact of current approaches for stimulating or imposing eco-friendly ….

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