Workshop on GPP and policies for energy efficient cloud computing

A validation workshop took place on 4 December 2019 at the meeting venue NH Brussels EU Berlaymont, Boulevard Charlemagne - Karel de Grotelaan, 11-19, 1000, Brussels – Belgium.

During the workshop, relevant stakeholders came together to validate the proposed recommendations and to deliver valuable input, which will contribute directly to shaping the formulation of policies and practices for energy-efficient cloud computing services in Europe.


In recent years, the demand for data centre services has grown exponentially as the cloud model is expanding. This has contributed to the consolidation of larger data centres, and studies predict a sharp increase in energy demand for cloud services. The importance of this topic has also been underlined by the European Commission, and further developments in this area will be crucial in order to deliver a European Digital Single Market.

The European Commission and DG CONNECT have tasked the Environment Agency Austria and the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (DE) with a study titled on “Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market”.

The objectives of the study are twofold:

  • Analysing and evaluating the current and future energy efficiency of cloud models and their key services.
  • Identifying relevant technological developments and policy instruments for reducing energy consumption and to promote environmentally friendly, efficient cloud services and energy-efficient data centres and networks.

Based on the evidence collected by the experts conducting the study, recommendations for Green Public Procurement and policy options are formulated to stimulate energy–efficient cloud computing services.



Validation Workshop Agenda

Input Material - Recommendations

Presentation – Environment Agency Austria

Workshop Report